Monday, February 24, 2014

Ambush Review (Pillage Trilogy)

Title: Ambush

Author: Obert Skye

Price: $17.99 ($14.85-Amazon)

Rating: 3 out of 5/The Mole

So we have come to the conclusion of Obert Skye's Pillage trilogy. It is true that while this book had a similar feel to his runaway success series Leven Thumps, Pillage stood out on its own as a very different type of story. Reality was reigned in to be... well much more real, and the story had less of a dream like quality to it. This being said don't expect to much normality from the man whose imagination is often a hilarious acid trip. Plants beat up angsty teenagers, dragons try to eat everyone, and adults keep coming up with hilarious explanations for obviously crazy situations. It's a book that always deserves being read out load and one that parents and children should find equally entertaining.

Beck Phillips has released many dragons on his poor unsuspecting town but he has finally sworn off egg planting for good. Unfortunately as the town tries to rebuild Beck seems to be under constant attack... from plants. Ambushed at every conceivable location he can't seem to escape his curse and the tab of his destructive escapes keeps on rising. To make matters even worse his father seems to have finally cracked and gone crazy. A fate Beck will share if he can't find a way to destroy the final dragon eggs. Beck thinks he may be able to destroy them... just as soon as he plants them to make sure they're defiantly the right eggs. You can never be too careful right?

The biggest complaint that I have with this book, and honestly the entire series, is the repeating of the plot. In each book Beck tries to resist the pull of evil, plants an egg, and destroys his town. The details may be different but the same sequence of events is always the same. This makes everything a bit predictable, especially for the older and more skilled readers. Another complaint, although very slight, is the intelligence of every person who is not a main character. I fully understand that the idiocy of the population of the town is a running joke within the series. It's just that these adults don't seem to even be able to achieve basic logic during most of the story. However, like I said, It's such a small complaint that you shouldn't let it deter you from reading the book.

Like all of Obert Skye's novels the dialog stands out as spectacular. It's a book that was written to be read out load and the experience is simply not the same without sharing it with someone. Every conversation is hilarious and every line refreshingly unexpected. I've always been overjoyed whenever some path of dialog went in a completely unexpected direction and these conversations bring up memories of favorites like The Princess Bride and A Series of Unfortunate Events. Possibly my favorite thing about this absurd adventure is its innocent absurdity. There is really nothing else like it in children's literature right now and as silly as the adventure is Im glad to have a break from the paranormal and apocalypses.

Ambush is a fun and silly tale, even more so when you start saying some of the lines out loud. Even though the story similarities of books in the trilogy caused this installment to slip to a 3 out of 5 you shouldn't let that deter you from an enjoyable and easy read. Or even better, grab yourself an audio version and have a fun car ride with the kids.

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